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Leah on the beach with daughter and the Poppy strollerLeah Bradley's childhood sounds like it was taken straight out of a young adult novel or an indie movie.  The child of hippie surfer parents, her family lived an adventurous, nomadic life.  And, along with her high school sweetheart husband and their two towheaded kids, she's continuing the family legacy—with an entrepreneurial twist.  Leah is the creator of Kyst Collective, a beach-y, California-centric online shop of clothing, accessories, and home goods, both vintage and handmade by local craftswomen.  The vibe lines up perfectly with Leah's sunny, down-to-earth, surfer girl disposition and we can't wait to see what she dreams up next!

We traveled across the country in my parents' van

I grew up along the coast in Southern California. My dad was a pro surfer and my mom a vegan hippie, so we had a very fun and relaxed childhood. We traveled across the country in my parents’ van and when we weren't traveling, we spent almost every day on the beach, building forts out of washed up driftwood and swimming in the ocean.

Leah carries daughter and the Poppy stroller, folded up.

pops of yellow, orange, and purple wildflowers

I'm inspired by the ocean and the natural coastline with its beautiful neutral palette and pops of yellow, orange, and purple wildflowers. I love the 50s surf culture and love looking through old film from that time. This has all influenced my personal and home style.  

Leah pushes daughter in the Poppy strollerAll i want to do is be with my two little ones

I've always wanted to start my own shop and as a mom I've found that all I want to do is be with my two little ones, so Kyst Collective makes it possible for me to work from home and have them help me run this little business. The products I carry and make for the shop are all things I love and have in my own home.

Leah and yawning daughter share a moment downtownIt takes a village to raise up great kids

I have two little blonde babies: Zippy is two, confident and full of energy and Velzy is 8 months old, a cruiser and happy just about every minute of the day. I have learned that one of the most important things to do when raising little ones is to surround yourself with others who are in the same season of life. It takes a village to raise up great kids, so I'm glad I've found such an amazing community of friends to come alongside me in this journey.

Leah and daughter play in the sand

We lived life on the go

As a family we'd always take a 3-6 week trip at least once a year and visit our favorite beaches and even travelled several times across the country visiting the national parks and other beautiful places. We lived life on the go as kids, so I chose to raise mine the same way. They will nap anywhere and are always up for adventures.

Leah pushes her daughter in the Poppy stroller downtown
life under the California sun is the best

California is special to me because of its unique surf culture and relaxed way of life (at least in the surf town where we live). My favorite thing to do is drive along the coastline and remember all the great memories I have made at almost every beach we pass by. It's where I caught my first wave, spent day after day exploring on the beach, and made some of my greatest friends. Life under the California sun is the best.

Leah pushes the Poppy stroller down the boardwalk

 a good stroller makes life easy

I love a stroller that can travel easily with us. We are constantly on the go, so something that is lightweight and not bulky, without compromising on safety, is something I look for when purchasing a stroller. A good stroller makes life easy, since you can strap the wild ones in and be on the go without delays!

Leah is using the Poppy stroller in Cantaloupe.

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